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Sad to see that with the new update that the guardian is still getting buffed and classes like the revenant are being made more mediocre. Lets make signets better for guardians and not touch the willbender damage but make the rev healing builds (One thing no-one touches)  just as bad as they have been by buffing one skill and removing the healing from another. Im convinced the devs dont actually play the game.

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It feels like they intentionally make the game worse and want to lose players, while only polishing their favourites.

I wonder if these changes will cause more people to switch games, than to re-roll main professions.

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5 minutes ago, SponTen.1267 said:

While yeah, the execution on this was iffy, imo buffing a skill/build that no one touches should be more of a reason rather than less.

I 100% agree but the issue is it still isnt worthwhile normally, and on top of that it is hugely outclassed by other specs.

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