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I'm not even hoping it will ever reach devs, but here is a question from old PvE DH enjoyer


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After recent pandemonium I decided to finally ask this, I'm not even hoping it will ever reach devs, but let's go.

I've spent give or take 2k hours on DH in open world, fractals, raids and such. Out of variety of gw2 classes and specs I've enjoyed DH and Tempest the most, and played Guardian & Ele since 2012.

Recent changes to Dragonhunter, especially Procession of Blades (February 28, 2022) made me ask many questions, which I'll just compile to this one post below.

From my perspective this is a change which while on paper seems pretty harmless (CD lowered, damage lowered, so should be fine, right) in practice just made my game-play experience miserable after years of enjoying butter smooth DH rotation. Anyone who's played this spec know that you want to align your trap with F1, but now they are in de-sync, cause cooldowns changed. A similar thing happened a while ago (May 11, 2021) with GS4 symbol and it's pairing with weapon swaps + GS2.

It's no longer this cool loop, that you can adjust and align with phases on some bosses, it feels miserable.

Why did you do it, just why? If it was "too much" damage in certain bracket, damage numbers are easy to change. No need for smoke screens.

To me it seems people adding those changes to the game are never really playing it extensively. And it's just one of many doubts I have.

Please Anet, convince me it's not that bad. 😿 I have lost faith, especially now, after seeing the recent patch preview.

Let's have more violets, less violence

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On 6/29/2022 at 11:38 AM, GoguSpatzialu.7948 said:

In WvW zergs, it's actually REALLY good, assuming you have a few of them, and the commander knows how to take advantage of that.

Yes, it seems fine in WvW altho I don't play as much recently. Just from time to time and with LB on top of that xD My post was focused mainly on PvE, sorry for lack of insight into other game modes 😕 .

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