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Why not add Deep Wound to the game?

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Add Deep Wound to the game but make it operate the exact same, but instead, make it where if Barrier is there prior to the effect to negate the effect/semi counter it based on a percentage, if its there prior to barrier it will effect fully even if barrier is later applied...this could be the turning point of some tanky/condi builds

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They kinda added that with blight with harbinger, I agree they should do more with it than just have it be self inflicted.

Anet tends to fear the past when it comes to balance. Deep wound in GW1 was such meta defining condition at the time that you had to balance most melee professions around that single condition, and strictly limit access to it for range based ones.  Most melee builds couldn't kill unless they hit you with a deep wound, and they had to work for it.

I doubt Anet wants to go down that rabbit hole.

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I think the poison already makes you benefit less from healing? And the max health reduction probably made a lot of sense in a game like GW1 - with dedicatd healers. (More important to keep the health up to the remaining 80 percent max.) In GW2 I can't see much use for this. In PvP environments it might lead to a lot ouf trouble with balancing and in PvE you just max  your dps and would not even notice a 20 percent difference in health for most trash mobs and the bosses probably would get made immune vs. this anyways.

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25 minutes ago, Astralporing.1957 said:

You are thinking about it purely from a PvP point of view. Now, imagine the consequence of such condition applying to enemies with millions of hps.

It was capped at a flat 100 hp in GW1.

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To me, as someone mainly playing herald and ele, I ll get a "Deep wound" added to the game literally every balance patch. And this is done by anet without them even knowing. 

So Imagine them even going for the deep wound! Some e specs/classes wouldn't survive that...too deep that wound.

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