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[Suggestions]: PVP Quality of life


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How about:

  1. A way to save builds.
  2. PVP only weapons/gear that do not take up inventory space and are part of saved builds

Why do 1?

  • Some players may wish to swap to improve comp, but don't have enough time to "fix" their build, and so they may choose to stay on a less desirable profession, because atleast it is ready. This may help improve the outlook on matchmaking as is.
  • This allows teams to quickly swap roles if not profession swap, because perhaps support FireBrand may not be needed but a "trap guard" (idk) might be.
  • It will allow players to very quickly swap between builds for comparing them while theory crafting and such.

Why do 2?

  • It sucks but it happens: Sometimes players literally forget to put the right weapon on or even a weapon at all. Now should the whole team be punished because 1 player made an honest mistake?
  • It will ensure that saved builds have the right weapon sets.
  • The player will no longer have to carry these weapons around taking up space in the inventory, and they will not be allowed out of PVP areas.
  • New players or new alt accounts wont have to purchase weapons

Now because the weapons are PVP only perhaps they should be allowed to be reskinned or transmuted for free considering they will not even be in the inventory...or at most 15silver to transmute.

I imagine this would take a little work but I am confident that atleast a majority of the PVP player base would appreciate this. Sometimes these mistakes and holdups cost our teams in matches, but I feel not many players would want to own up to making the mistake and just take the "your trash" bashing (or crap talk back).

Also if the player chooses no build it should just default to a standard build and weapon set, atleast they wont be totally useless.

While it may be true that many have adapted and can "quickly" change their builds and gear, please realize that not everyone:

  • Does things at the same speed
  • Has fast internet if they get dc
  • Is perfect

I hope this is possible because I believe it could REDUCE some of the tension in PVP right now by fixing some player hidden issues

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