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Bladesworn is S tier now, here's why:


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The only good thing in this video is my dog barking. They litteraly had ages to get this patch right... but they just can't. First banners. Now the new bladesworn ability is bugged as hell. It has no cd, when not using the charges, which means you can perma cc the enemy while getting your cds back with lush forest.


wtf arenanet what are you smoking.

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1 hour ago, Hotride.2187 said:

Working as implemented?

Man I'm starting to get scared of the steam release. I thought the game would get at least positive ratings.

I grow increasingly worried that the Steam release is what's driving a lot of the weird decisions. Granted, ANet's been bad at balance for 10 years, but the overall spirit of "hey let's let everyone do everything... butstillmakeFB/Mechbetterthanall" does feel like it lines up with the concept of oversimplifying the game in preparation for a wider Steam launch. The new people grabbing this on Steam won't have years of tolerance for ANet's weird decisions built up, so they might want to just give them super easy, super homogenous builds to fall into.

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