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How much of a DPS loss am I at?


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So I'm looking to switch from Alac Mirage to Chorno Alac... yet by all my metrics, the dps loss is gonna be something ridiculous if I want to get that 30% range for that 1+ second, so at the very least I can run two wells instead of all three.

None of this makes sense, for example, running cdps chorno means my sword/shield and sword/sword combo is lacking in the condi application. Running power dps, means I don't make proper use of the chaos trait line for the addition concentration - which then means I have to compensate with more gear stats set towards diviner's for more dps loss.




I feel like I can just run a few concentration gear swaps on my alac mirage and still be hella dps op compared to chrono - even though my alac upkeep is still tight.


Someone please help. I don't know where to start with creating a new build based on this patch...

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