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Stuttering Zones - 6-28-22 Patch [Merged]

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Prior to this patch no graphic issues or stuttering.
After this patch stuttering in all zones, (Tested Mistlock, The Grove, Lions Arch, The Silverwastes, and The Mists before I gave up) have run into others with same issues, massive framerate drops, etc. Like playing at 3 FPS.
Not utilizing a lot of resources on my end, never broke 30% of CPU/RAM usage on a year old top of the line gaming rig.

Also the Repair client through utilizing the shortcut method will not trigger for me as of this update all of a sudden.
(Someone else wrote a post on the same issue at a similar time frame, please merge)

Tested a few other areas after reading other persons post, found HoT and PoF areas relatively unaffected, mostly seems like core Tyria locations.

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  • Voyant.1327 changed the title to Stuttering Zones - 6-28-22 Patch
1 hour ago, Ray Koopa.2354 said:

ArcDPS seems to be at fault here, I read elsewhere.

If you disable it, it'll be fine again.

Okay yep, I had tried the usual keybind to hide it since it wasn't updated yet,  but completely uninstalling arc seems to have fixed it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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This is particularly obvious in the Mistlock Sanctuary, near the portal and the crafting stations. Outside of this area, it's harder to spot and often, there is no stutter.

I am running Windows 10, 64 bit, Home Edition, RTX 3070 Ti, i5 9600k, 16 GB RAM (Corsair) and a Western Digital BE NVME drive, if it helps.

I did not have any stuttering prior to this update. Just thought I'd drop this here in case others are having the same issue.

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