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Why would you design buffs like this in a game so buff centric?


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If I was given 4 months to create a budget, with the intention of using that time to speak with our shareholders and customer base to determine needs, and then released a budget that didn't address any of those needs, following people finding an email that said that certain parts of the budget were designed around what I wanted personally, I'm pretty sure I would be fired immediately. This patch is wild. You were given areas to specifically deal with (Banners, spirits and class buffs that were outliers to what everyone else can apply), and then decided to do the bare minimum at the last minute to point at it and say "see, we did it." I don't even play warrior (my highest is 50s), but I was curious how bad the banners were now and holy hell, they should have just been removed entirely.


Things that don't even make sense in a gaming standard (specifically like this), that I'm amazed anyone on the team working on this didn't speak up about:

- 1 second buffs (both ranger and warrior). Seriously? Might as well not even be there. Oh but you can buff them by 50%, and then use concentration! Or, OR, hear me out, just play a class that does it better, easier.

- changing banners from pick up to reduce cooldown into pickup to prevent you from doing anything while holding it so you can reposition it. Yikes, why? Was the 3 second quickness being able to be applied from a mildy shorter cooldown really a problem area here? Did anyone remember that it had changed away from that because of the problems it caused? But now it's back with even less.

- speaking of quickness, any class that cannot, with full concentration or clever rotations, provide full uptime on alacrity and quickness are a complete waste of time. They won't be "supplementing" the classes that already can, because those classes don't need the help. Because they can already do it by themselves. See the problem here? The quickness add on to Herald and Warrior are pointless, other than to once again point at something and say "see, we did it." And you don't even have to buff them in compensation because now they bring one of the 2 most in demand buffs, right? Kind of.


It isn't a communication problem, because I have a hard time imagining any reason anyone could defend any of these areas. Even just play testing them for 2 minutes they don't make sense.


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