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...ppffft...BWAHAHAHAHA!...The banners...!


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Oh man...so I log in to see how they've been changed. Yes, my fellow warriors. It's worse than you thought. (As if you thought it could not get even lower)

So first: Each banner grants a grand total of 3 seconds of initial quickness, with each banner pulsing a boon for ONE second on a TWO second interval both on pickup and non-pickup with an initial delay of THREE seconds on the banner drop. All of this is on a SIXTY second cooldown. Also, no mechanical changes to banners (you still pick up and drop). To top off the cherry on the cake: picking up a banner is an empty bundle and grants no skills at all!

So, you're giving up weapon skills, traits, utility slots, 600 stat points, to accomodate.... an EMPTY BUNDLE that pulses boons for 1 second. You get to sit there and pulse 1 second boons while doing NOTHING. What a deal eh?...

Edit: To sum it up: warrior banners have REGRESSED back to 2012.

Well then! Enjoy the next 3 months, I guess! BWAHAHAHAHAAHAH


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7 hours ago, Jaricko.6143 said:

Meanwhile mechanist goes pew pew brrrrrrrrrrr!

You cannot make this up. I am legit astounded and speechless. They found another way to break mechanist when the rest of the game is depressed. 

Lol Only good thing about Banners over Mech is Banners at least work underwater. They really do need to implement a shark mec like the necros flesh golem.

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