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Spirits Rework


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This probably won't be popular especially in PvE where spirits I imagine are a decent addition, but let's suppose spirits worked off of a toggle instead of spawning clunky AI pets that stand still.


Similar to facets in herald


Toggling "Spirit essence" as a utility skill gives you access to the spirit skills, this could be activated by a GM in NM. Heal could work like big heal over time in default state, activated could apply regeneration and triggering could give a health explosion to yourself and allies, elite could be something really good but have some impact.


Controlled by spirit energy, which is drained over time depending on the amount of spirit "essences" that are activated. Essence explosion could evaporate essences to get boon buffs.


It quite literally would work very similar to Revenant's energy consumption


Like make them something actually interactive, fun and provide benefit outside of dmg boost bots in PvE, they see absolutely no play outside of that. They haven't been viable outside of PvE since maybe 2013-2014 when the spirit build was busted in a time where the PvP state of the game was very new.


A lot of work in reality for one aspect of the class, but that rework could also be tied to an elite spec or just reworked inherently... I think having the GM activate those features in NM would make that line somewhat viable. I guess you still run into the issues of trait diversity like ranger always does. Being forced in NM would take chunks of dmg out of your build, so not sure.

Instead of reworking it across the board, since those features would only be controlled by the GM, if you don't have that GM activated, spirits would work like they normally do, so players in PvE could still use the spirit features like they currently work.


Just a thought anyway, it's just spirits have been bad for a long time outside of Pve.

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