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360 radius is the same size as Orders from Above when traited with Righteous Rebel which is still large enough to cover any group (that's not spread out like morons) 600 radius is half the size of most boss rooms in fractals at least, so it's not going to kill the utility.

What kills the utility is a 1.5 second duration, which when running 100% boon duration is just barely enough to ensure 100% quickness uptime however you MUST camp the entire time in Dragon Stance in order to actually keep it up, in addition to spamming all your facets (including heal) off CD, this is especially bad in Fractals with the  Chaotic Release facet, which knocks back 5 targets every 20 seconds, making it annoying as hell.

Being forced to ignore literally 50% of your utilities to keep up 1 boon (second legend) is just bad design imo.

*Edit- ^^^ On second thought that's probably the point if you look at things like Warrior and Specter, those professions are also forced to waste all their utility slots on Banners and Wells just to keep up 1 boon, I guess Anet just wants boon builds to have no DPS and no utility🤷‍♂️.

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