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Can we finally give Bladesworn / Warrior a mainhand pistol


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I have been banging on about this for years, for a reason.

Warrior lacks this option and is being held back by it. Being able to kite provides a form of sustain, something warrior can not reasonably do with its current kit/compisition.
Rifle and Longbow, provide offence but very little defence or utility.

Pistol in mainhand in combination with Shield, Sword or Warhorn provide a huge amount of utility and defence. Something which has been lacking from core days for one handed ranged weapons.

With the new warhorn changes providing quickness on 'Charge' this is more fitting than ever to be in combination with a ranged weapon in the main hand. Using this skill in melee allows the other to move away from your character effectivly making your 3 seconds of quickness wasted. Pistol in the mainhand would use the full duration of the quickness to its maximum as it doesnt have a tiny maximum engagement distance to stick to.

For years warrior has been stuck with axe mainhand or sword, something which has become very stale as the years have passed and made the warrior very easy to counter due to the predictable skill set it uses, this can all be changed up by adding in a 1 handed ranged weapon. My dissapointment to hear that warrior was to get a pistol in the offhand was huge as I knew this meant warriors limited build options would stay, limited.

Bladesworn as an example of playstyle hardly plays different from the core warrior playstyle, we lack the developer design choice to be daring, break down this 'theme' of 'no magic' or 'simple class' when it comes to creating specialisations to create classes which are fun, engaging and adaptable. Warrior has been made to be 'too simple' this has become very clear with the banner changes. This hurts, not only to play but to even attempt to get it to work.

So please, consider providing a mainhand pistol to allow new playstyles to develop on the warrior, which do not restrict and lock the warrior into only a frontline position that gets destroyed by cripple, blind, roots, dazes, chill, fear, immobolise, stuns, burning, bleeding, poison and confusion (easier to land condi blobs on a frontliner than it is a mid/backliner).

Also, I would fully welcome if you took a page out of the thiefs book for pistol mainhand. Where the 3rd skill changes depending on what you have in the offhand as some form of dual tactic skill. This would allow a much greater depth to the weapon/spec.


I have stated it before and I will keep on rattling on about it, Pistol must be made for mainhand on warrior.

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