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Elite shout for Warrior


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I just want an Elite shout for warriors "Rally Cry". Multiple good effects quickness , stability & barrier ? Anything really. A weakness ,fear & boon strip effect's for enemy players , mobs, and bosses 1200 range. Banners on the back would be a very cool look. Using them on my Warriors back with random 1/2 boons per , 2/3 banners ? Jade bot boons to help the warrior and party ? Anet could sell black lion skins for the banners? I held an RP /kneel banner ceremony to bid them farewell. In Divinity's Reach at the Dwayna's statue .
Dwayna, goddess of air and life, beloved to me. She is the promise of salvation whispered in my ear, the silent resolve to carry on. How my heart yearns to bask in her light once again. — Statue of Dwayna
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