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Engineer traits need fixed.

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What the title says;


For medical dispersion field, the trait isn't triggering at all now, (according to the battle log) and 3 seconds isn't short enough because of the high damage output of every build out there. It took a support engineer and made it's most valuable trait no longer work. 


Jade mech having its own supply of rockets/orbital strikes doubles damage, and should probably have those traits at 50% or 25% reduction, as it brings 8-17 second engagements down to 4 seconds, and the Mechanist is over-performing drastically.


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5 hours ago, Messor.9520 said:

On that note, rifle changes are spectacular and while it doesn't increase damage by much at all it brings some speed to the playstyle of the rifle to make it feel more in line with the other rifle specs (thank you!). 



Think they need to change all Engi Rifle skills to rapid fire, and also increase the damage a bit. Takes too long to solo a champ otherwise.

Was fun taking it to a heavily populated area with lots of hard mobs concentrated together and just press 1. Easy loots. Sadly, don't think it'll last too long before they take the toy away. 😁

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