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results are all that matter, incompetence


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i'm at a loss for words with the live implementation of banner rework.


i don't really care how or what they do, behind closed doors, no communication, thats all well and good. what matters is the end product to me. i dont care, never cared how they go about it.


i was actually feeling for them after hearing about the devs receiving threats and stuff, i sincerely think such things are uncalled for. they're people too. but i can sympathize with what some of the community are experiencing. i myself am out of patience and have lost all faith. and i waited years, because really what choice was there. THEY ARE NOT DOING A GOOD JOB.


if it rakes months, years, for them to push out changes and this is what we're getting, i dunno. i just have nothing good to say.


i wait month after month for years, balance patch after balance patch. waiting for them to make things better and bring warrior up to speed, and they managed to completely do the opposite.


they can make whatever narrative they want. RESULTS SPEAK FOR ITSELF.





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8 years, i stuck with it for 8 years. I've seen people come and go. I sure as hell have been more patient and hopeful than most. I'm actually quite reserved, I'm normally a very quiet person. 


maybe its all a joke to them. i don't know but in the end results speak for themselves. they can make whatever narrative they want but results speak for themselves.

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Well arenanet ain't the same anymore. Time to go back to GW1, atleast it's in some playable form, bc they didnt patch it for years which is good, because the arenanet we now have is a shadow of it former self.


Like the Batman quota said, you either die a hero, or live long enough to turn yourself into the evil one. Arenanet turned not really into the evil one, but rather more in the incompetent one.

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