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new season

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great so the classes already doing well in PvP got buffed and the mediocre classes have been made worse. We are also back to a 2v2 season, which is just horrible, 0 strategy required, just meta spec spam and you win almost instantly. WTF is wrong with the people who decide these changes.

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mesmers just run transform for a 2 second win. Guardian gets buffed every season and can currently block/force miss for long enough to trap spam for an instant kill. Necro has some perma fear builds now, its just stupid at this point. There is 0 skill and it comes down to who can get the most BS skill setup. A literal waste of playing.

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1 minute ago, SoulBlaze.3059 said:

no clue, but im done playing. ill be back when the next dlc comes out, they do not care at all about this game anymore. 

Well..let's just say that you're better off waiting for that dlc! I'll say that much!

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