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Bring mechanist and firebrand - not a druid / soulbeast / untamed - this is Anet's philosophy


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I played quite a lot on ranger - druid, soulbeast and untamed. Unfortunately,

I have to say a few words. Was someone who designed spirits played a ranger?

Let's have a look... Spirits were only taken by players for their unique boons - 5% damage, burning aplication

What do we have now? on 100% bd - 9 stack might, vigor, regeneration, furry

No, but look! - I have it all for Warhorn Skill 5 Does not matter.

My biggest complaints are about two things

1. Despite huge nerfs - my spirits are still dying! - Of course, I can heal them - but I can already see that not always and not everywhere. When I wants to play soulbeast, another healer has to keep an eye on my spirits to get alacirty! - it is impossible

2. Why have you taken stability? I did not understand it is a decision for me ...


I already understand All these changes tell me one thing - choose mechanist, firebrand, renegade or quit the game.

Mechanist - has enormous damage, can give ALL the boons with one button

Firebrand - can distribute quickness with two buttons, has stability - a lot of stability

Renegade - just one click and the instant applies alacrity to the group

Specter - in addition to the easy alacrity application - has a very high damage, very good healing and a lot of barriers distributed


To sum up,

In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to play Ranger for alacirty.

I thought it would be a balance patch but this is a talking patch - choose mechanist or firebrand.

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