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Bug fiesta (from a coped player to a dedicated balance team)

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Hello ArenaNet, this is your friendly pvp gamer on heavy copium providing you with feedback that will never be taken into consideration. Enjoy not reading this 😊


The spirits that were “reworked” are bugged :


The tooltip is the following: “Spirits lose health when granting boons to allies and die if the summoner moves out of range”.


The spirits in fact don’t die when the summoner moves out of range. The boons are pulsating from the location of the ranger and not from the location of the spirit. In practice, on legacy of foefire, I can put spirits in base and go on middle to pulsate boons until the spirits are dead. Good meme. 



The changes made to rolling-mists on herald are bugged :


Math is wrong on rolling-mists or maybe it’s an intended nerf.


I’ll leave the explanation here :


Banners :


The changes made to banners are so ridiculous that I prefer to take a big dosage of copium and say it’s a  bug. Copium helps, don’t let the patch break your sanity like this guy :


As a final useful feedback, I would like to congratulate you on nerfing Chronomancer and Reaper which were definitely the most op classes in pvp, and in general, congratulate your dedicated balance team on it’s very explicit balance philosophy which can be summarized simply into


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1 hour ago, Hotride.2187 said:

There was one on the war subforum about bladewsworn:

Dunno if its a big issue, I don't play the spec. Looked funny though.

Yea but that's a bug that benefits warriors so it was ninja "fixed" in less than an hour. They removed the secondary effect completely, at least in PvP.

Now it's just two charges of more DMG on the next explosion.


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