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[Request] change for Elementals


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First of all, I would like to request something that a lot of people have been requesting for years.

● Unlimited time for elementals to be spawned.

Also, along with that request is that they would respawn again after mount/dismount, or going underwater, etc...


Second; I would like to request a change in the animations, and a faster spawning time to almost instant.

For instance, you can use visual effects already in use, so when an elemental is spawned, we see the respective element effect.

Furthermore, the elementals should not die.

The animation should look like them disappearing in the same respective element effect.

For instance, the ice ele shatter into ice particles. The fire ele exploding and evaporating. The stone ele could have Earthen Vortex effect? And air simply vanish into either a spark or lightning bolt, or into literally thin air... gust.


Finally, I'm requesting with a huge PLEASE, a bit of a visual improvement on the eles.

I would like to see an elite fire ele for example, something along the lines of this:



If you are feeling generous, and if there's going to be another xpac.

I'd like to request that it's focused on ele spawns and create a whole ES around them.

... with a great sword for the cherry on top.


Thanks ANet.

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