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Banners Feedback & Suggestion


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I've been playing the game on and off since release and wanted to share some feedback regarding the banner changes.

When I first read the changes to banners before the update went live I didn't think they would just bring back the old banner system and remove the skills (leaving an empty skillbar). My understanding was that you would be able to pick up multiple banners and carry them on your back while still having access to your weapon skills. Even then I would avoid using them because placing and picking up banners just doesn't fit the otherwise mostly smooth combatflow of a warrior. In their current state banners simply do not provide enough benefits, to make dealing with their clunky mechanics worthwhile.


So here is my suggestion how to make banners fun and worth investing in:

  1. Make banners cost 1 adrenaline bar to activate. When activated, a banner will land at the warriors location or on his back.
  2. Once active, banners give initial quickness and pulse with other boons for a certain duration.
  3. At any point you have the option to spend another adrenaline bar to reactivate a banner. A reactivation will update the banners location (unless you went with the option where banners are mounted on the back), reapply the initial quickness and refresh the pulse duration.

This way, a warrior can choose to sacrifice some of his damage by spending 1 adrenaline bar to refresh a banner instead.


There are also some variables you could balance:

  • Add a short cooldown for reactivation
  • Add a cooldown for activation if you let the banner expire
  • Reduce adrenaline cost with trait
  • Increase banner duration with trait
  • Increase boon duration with trait
  • Add short animation wenn activating/reactivating banner (max. 1 second)


Would this change be too strong? Would you be willing to spend adrenaline for banner uptime instead of burst? Would you miss picking up and carrying banners? 
Let me know what you think!

I also feel like some other underperforming utility-skills could use a similar treatment, increasing their power but adding adrenaline cost.

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