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(EU) [Core] is recruiting! WvW


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[Core] Causes Of Relative  Efficiency is recruiting!

Currently looking for Guardians, Elementalist, Necromancers, Warriors, Thieves, and Mesmers.


We are a WvW Openfield Guild that wants to play without elite specializations. Our goal is to teach new players coordinated gameplay based on Guild Wars 2 without any Add-On. The server we are on currently is Blacktide linked with Millersund. The target at the moment is to build an active roster that plays around once or twice a week.  The requirements are to get the guild-given builds and stats and be communicative. We offer experience from the GvG scene and help to improve the gameplay in both WvW and PvP. If you want to get in touch with us to acquire more information or have your questions answered you can get in touch through our discord:  hhttps://discord.gg/pGUDKNaDN3 (Edited) If you join, please message an officer!


If you want to contact me ingame, please write to Frejor.8976!


New Discord Link!

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