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Nearly 1700 hours playtime and not a single ascended lootbox drop. Is that normal?

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@crosknight.3041 said:best way to getting ascended boxes are from fractal dailies, i've gotten way more from there then anywhere else in game.

@Ulion.5476 said:I tend to get 3-4 a month in wvw. I am sure you can get more than that doing fractals daily. Still is RNG some players are lucky others not so much ascended boxes are rare.

^This and also some Pvp Box but the main source is Fractal/Raid

In my main account, every month i got something like 3-4 ascended armor box (some months, more, never less) + 1 ascended weapon box + a bunch of ascended trinkets from Fractals.

Got approx. 10 from WvW and something like this from pvp chests. (Less than 4000 hours)

Have dropped 3 precu in Karkas event, 7-8 in mystic forge.

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@Laurencius.9258 said:3,395 hours and I've never seen an ascended chest. I didn't even know such a thing existed until my Comm on wvw mentioned that he gets them all the time in wvw. He gets them all the time while I get them never. That seems fair. :/

It drops from alot of things but if you don't do those you won't get it from a mob in the open world. Wvw level up chests Wb like tequatl higher level fractal daily boxes pvp chests. So he might level 300 times a week in Wvw and you get 20 levels a week or you do t1/2 fractals instead of t4 and you don't pvp/do certain WB you won't see the drops.And even if you do all that stuff they are still a rng drop like precursors.

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@Danikat.8537 said:

@LightningWolfTigerBear.6725 said:I don't raid or run fractals. The vast majority of my playtime has been spent in open world PvE participating in most events I come across, the occasional TD/AB meta and bullying a great many random mobs.

This is your problem. Ascended loot boxes are not normal drops, they only come from a few specific places and based on your post you're not participating in most of those.

You can get armour and weapons from:
  • Tequatl the Sunless chest (1 chance per day)
  • Triple Trouble chest (1 per day)
  • Fractals - boxes come from the daily achievements and individual pieces, especially rings, can drop directly
  • Raid bosses (only 1 chance per day)
  • WvW rank up chests
  • PvP reward chests
  • Very rarely from guild missions
  • very rarely from champion bags

Trinkets only come from Fractals, Raids and WvW and backpacks can come from raids but mostly have to be crafted.

Based on your post the only chances you have to get ascended drops are when you get a champion bag (and I think those have the lowest drop rates of the whole lot, and none of them are especially common). So it's not at all surprising that you haven't gotten any yet.

(Precursors can come from anywhere but the drop rate on them is so incredibly low that the majority of players will never get one as a drop, or will only ever get 1. Yes we all know the guy whose friends brother got 1 in his first week and has gotten like 5 total, but those are outliers or, more likely, lying/including drops from the Mystic Forge (which are far more likely).

If you want ascended equipment you can either chance which aspects of the game you focus on, or buy trinkets with laurels and craft weapons and armour. If you want a precursor your best bet is to either do the collection or (if it's a gen 1 precursor) buy it from the TP.

It took 7 years before I got my first precursor, chaos gun. Second one was dawn from the forge, so I'm content now. Watched all my friends over the years get multiples.. one ended up getting around 20ish. All he did was world bosses and forged all the dates. The one time he ran ascalonian catacombs with us he gets dusk. Go figure xD

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I've been playing for just over 8 years (about 6,500 hours) and I've never had a precursor drop. That doesn't really surprise me though because I very rarely use the Mystic Forge except to make salvage kits and I don't often do world bosses and things with a higher exotic drop rate.

It would be nice to get one, just so I can say it finally happened, but it doesn't bother me. It's never stopped me making a legendary (4 so far, and thinking about a 5th) and if I want gold I know of much more reliable ways to get it so a precursor would be a novelty more than anything else.

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Over 6k hours played here. I have had 1 precursor drop 1 teq hoard. and as for ascended boxes I have had to many to count. Currently I have two bank tabs full of these things and I have salvaged a bunch to make legendary armor.

What it boils down to is the more you play harder content the more chances you have to get these drops. The reason why these items do not drop in the easier areas of the game is simply because you do not need them you can get away with using exotics from the trading post. If you aspire for better drops you may want to start playing more challenging content.

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Answer: Yes, ascended boxes drops on non endgame content is really, really rare.

I have 10k hours of playtime, on open world i've only gotten 2 asc chest and only from Tequatl.I'm lv 680-ish on WvW, i've gotten like 5 asc chests in total from level up rewards.

Raiding nets you with a huge amount of standalone ascended weapons, and less frecuently asc boxes, i've got a 100-slot storage mule dedicated to hold these weapons since I get flooded by them. and i've only got 900 LI iirc

Fractals however, is where you get a high chance for asc boxes, both weapon and armor. I've only crafted 1 asc set ever and now I have more than 15 characters fully geared up with asc equipment, and I have a bank tab exclusive for asc weapon boxes and another tab for asc armor boxes. I've been doing daily CMs + T4s for two years now..Note that higher tiers of chests have a higher chance of asc drops. You'll rarely get asc boxes on T1 daily chests (but they still drop, and more frecuently than open world pve) but from T3 and T4 chests, you get an average of 1 asc armor each 3 days doing Fractals T4s.

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@Laurencius.9258 said:3,395 hours and I've never seen an ascended chest. I didn't even know such a thing existed until my Comm on wvw mentioned that he gets them all the time in wvw. He gets them all the time while I get them never. That seems fair. :/

There are multiple factors in effect here ...

1) number of hours mean nothing because it depends on what activities you are doing in those hours2) lets just assume both of you are doing mostly WvW but even within WvW it depends, you can get ascended from the rank up chest and certain reward track containers2a) some WvW activities will get you ranks much faster than others, for example spending lots of time defending stuff probably won't be very beneficial2b) depending on which reward track you choose you will get more or less chances to roll for ascended3) if they are commanding all the time then chances are they are probably gaining ranks faster than you

number of hours is one of the least significant factors

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