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5% Precision In Arms is Insulting


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It should have been in the place of Doubled Standards in Discipline since this was the slot that let you crit cap before through the doubled banner stats on the Discipline banner. Also why the kitten all the  new skills and traits on warrior have one line of text about doing one thing the profession has low number of skills it should have strong skills and traits.
They need crit trait for the power leaning builds that can be taken with the elite specs, maybe Strength should have the crit trait and Arms should have also a crit trait based on conversion from expertise/condition damage so you don't actually dip in both for max crit.

They could also reduce the Precision formula so everyone is able to crit cap easier just enough to cover the 5% crit.
And for kittens sake can we have a kitten precision rune like thief but for power, Add 125 precision on the Spellbreaker one or add new one for Bladesworn.

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