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Bug: Fortifying Bond only 50% Uptime on Quickness, even if Player has 100%

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I just tested "Fortifying Bond" (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fortifying_Bond) which copies the Boons the Ranger has to his pet. 


Sadly the internal cooldown on this trait is 5 seconds (even though it is not stated in the trait-description). My ranger has 100 % Boon Duration. Even with 100% my Pets only get 5s of Quickness every 10 Seconds (tested it on the Special Forces Training Area).

That means the pet gets only 50% Quickness uptime, even though the ranger (in that case druid) and the pet itself have the maximum boon duration (lingering magic + pack alpha).


Could you please fix the copy-application intervall to 1s second instead of 10s so it is more accurate to the actual boons the ranger has on him? 

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