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Alacrity chronomancer


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To my knowledge, there's no official build.  However, if I were to improvise one, it would look something like this.  The build is probably a bit overkill, but I can't physically test it at the moment.  Tides of Time + the 3 wells is enough to maintain permanent alacrity on yourself, as well as on your teammates.  Because of this, Continuum Shift can be used exclusively to do damage with the greatsword, or CC with double gravity well.

You'll definitely have team alacrity handled.  I'm not sure if it is the maximum amount of damage that could be done with such a build.  You might be able to run sword off-hand if you start using the wells during continuum split, or maybe replace one of the wells with Phantasmal Disenchanter for more damage.  Experiment for a bit and tell us what you get.

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