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Help me with these locations [pictures]

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The 3rd one looks like the Grove or Caledon Forest, but I'm not sure of the exact spot. (It's not Gardenroot Tunnel or Backroot Tunnel.)

The first one looks like Ascalon, the second one I think might be Kryta but I'm not sure of the spot for either, and the last one I have no idea.

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The first picture is in Fields of Ruin. It is a cave that is slightly north of the Wreckage of Bloodgorge Watch Waypoint. It leads north towards the Ebonhawke Delegation Poi

The second image is in Lornar's pass and is at a Poi called Ironhammer's Crypt. If you go right to the back of the cave you will see that wooden crossbeam thing.

The third image is easy, it's the tunnel leading away from the doorway into Canach's club in Arborstone. In the picture the yellowy area is the main part of the area towards where the fishing vendors are situated.

I'm struggling a little on the last one.

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The first one looks like the cave underneath/underwater the Temple of Verdance in Cursed Shore.

The second one looks like part of the jumping puzzle in Craze's Folly, Blazeridge Steppes.

The third one looks like one of the tunnels in The Grove.

The fourth one... I'll come back to it.


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2 hours ago, Bigbanbig.9814 said:

Hello, im currently searching for these places, does anyone know where they are? if you find places i can donate 5 - 10 gold 😄


There are 4 locations! 

EDITED. There was wrong with 1 picutre. Now its UPDATED .. + i send gold to you Andy for a good job! 


As I said in the email you sent, glad to help, but give the gold to a new player in a starting area for me. They need it :)

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The latter reminds me of some of the caves in Draconis Mons, though I don't recall seeing any green crystals/stalagmites there.

The former indeed looks like the northwestern story cave (The Sealed Cavern) in the Silverwastes that has a strong golden Auric Basin touch. However, the sky we can see in the upper left corner of the screenshot doesn't look like it belongs to the Silverwastes, so... hmm.

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The second one is the HP at the north of Darkhoof Heights in Snowden Drifts.

For the first one, maybe it's just the lighting that makes it look like the yellow sandstone of the silverwaste, could be another cave too?

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