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[NA] [WvW] [foxy] Nine Tail Shadow Fang - Roaming/Havoc


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[foxy] Nine Tail Shadow Fang

Established in 2014,   from Ehmry Bay to Stormbluff Isles to now Jade Quarry

Heavily focused on havoc strategy mainly this guild was created to win WvW Server tournaments when that existed. 

There aren't any tournaments anymore on WvW but we still strive to win every week. 


I am looking for active/prospect WvW players from any server to join us. 

  1. You do not have to rep us.
  2. Play whatever builds/class you have. 
  3. Play whenever you want. 
  4. Play however you want. 
  5. Bring only your humility and your own style. 
  6. Escape your main guild structure and enjoy a more freeform. 
  7. Enjoy the hunt. 


Brief Overview of our Services: 

Discord with webhooks to loads of roaming videos in both NA and EU every day showing content 

We also have many other channels roamers might be interested in as well but will keep that private for now. 

We can provide you with a party to join and we are most active during random hours on purpose when we have a good online roster going we just do larger things on the fly. 

Most of our members also finish their pip track maxing out on diamond and farming bananas within two-three days of WvW reset by running with us. 


What we do: 

This is a havoc guild focused on PPT and keeping the enemy roamers busy also focused on tail ganking, zerg surfing, scouting and taking care of low hanging fruit/ high profile roamers. 

Flip camps , take towers, ninja keeps/smc, create diversions, enemy commander trolling/sniping and most importantly start fights. 


Get Involved: 

If you are new to the game or to WvW and are interested in roaming, no worries come join us and try it out. No judgement/criticism unless you ask for it. 

Our guild ranking system is based on skill, creativity, aggressiveness, sustainability, and participation. We believe everyone can learn and grow on their own over time. 

We are now currently growing strong for our goal of  at least 5-10 roamers 24/7 either solo roaming or participating in WvW in any fashion. 

We are also into theory crafting, countering meta, and adapting to balance patches. 


Preferred, not required: 

Looking mainly for the following main classes: (can be support, bunker, sidenode, dps, condi trash or w/e you want) 

  1. Thieves
  2. Engineers
  3. Mesmers


Save a guild slot for us. In-game mail me for more details or if you are interested. 


Thank you for your time.  



(not a furry/anime guild, but whatever thing you are into that isn't relevant to the game is your responsibility, idc) 

(dolyaks have no soul)

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