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Updated QuickSworn Build


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I wanted to finalize my numbers after experimenting. As it turns out, alacrity and CDR will only affect Warhorn 4 if you're running Discipline, allowing you to squeeze a bit more out of Warhorn. However, I haven't found a comfortable Discipline variant. Here's my analysis:


Tactics + Bladesworn

Maximum Quickness Uptime = [#Banners x 3/37 + 0.4]x(1+Boon duration)

  • 2 Banners requires 78% Boon Duration, minimum.


Because perfect play isn't possible, 83% Boon Duration will allow an extra second to re-summon banners and and an extra ~0.45 seconds to cash in on Martial Cadence. You can adjust how much boon duration you need as suits your preference.


Finally, I've figured out that one can utilize Signet of Fury's active effect to wean off of relying on Flow Stabilizer. It also provides a creative way to ensure at least 1/2 of your Dragon Slashes are guaranteed crits, even if you're not crit capped.


Here's my updated build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKgEcEWWAji5x6Yu44LdFfB-zRZYBBNuFFII4IhjpMioASPBUbaow2G-e


If you so desire, you can crit cap by replacing the food with a Soul Pastry or equivalent, replacing 1 earing with an Assasin's earing, replacing all Berserker's pieces with Assassin's, and getting 1 Precise Infusion. This will stop you from whiffing 5% of your Dragon Triggers at the cost of some power and actually having to use a stat infusion.


If you don't want to manage Signet of Fury, you can opt into using a Might banner, along with the trait River's Flow. You'll lose a small amount of damage, but you'll never want for flow. Else pick whatever banner, they're just quickness sticks.


EDIT: If you don't need to grant fury to the party, you can just eat a Soul Pastry and take Leg Specialist, the damage increase would be significant.





  • Warhorn 4 to give swiftness and engage
  • Shout for Flow
  • Signet of Fury for Flow
  • Banner/Banner
  • Throw Axe for CDR
  • Cyclone Axe for Fury



  • Skill 2
  • Skill 3
  • Skill 4
  • Skill 5
  • Autoatack chain/Tactical Reload
  • Skill 5
  • Skill 2
  • Signet of Fury
  • Skill 4
  • Skill 3
  • Enter Dragon Trigger - Use Dragon Slash before Signet of Fury runs out
  • Weapon Swap or F1



  • Throw Axe
  • Cyclone Axe
  • Warhorn 4
  • Camp on Autoattack until Signet of Fury has 3.25 seconds left. Can throw in another Skill 2 if you have time. 
    • You can squeeze in another Throw Axe, but you can't get CDR on it or you won't Dragon Trigger in time.
  • Enter Dragon Trigger - Use Dragon Slash after Signet of Fury's passive comes back.
  • Weapon Swap or F1


Repeat to Gunsaber.


You will need to pause the rotation and eliminate auto attacks when banners come off CD. 

Edited by Rishnock.6230
Realized Soul Pastry allows for more damage, figured I'd mention. Edit 2: Adjusted the rotation
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First off, thank you for the analysis and the more data-driven approach. I do not doubt that this build is effective in what it's trying to do for the team, but see you've clearly defined the problem with this class. Look at all the sacrifices it makes just to put out one specific boon. An entire gear set, spec lines, utilities, dps...sacrificed...and still not even keeping boon-duration at 100%. Meanwhile, other classes can put out quickness just as easily with less sacrifice and less work and more room for other things.

Warrior, like ele, has to be a workhorse just to keep up.

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2 hours ago, Grand Marshal.4098 said:

Nice guide and research even tho I hate BsW personally and don't do endgame PvE. 

How is the damage with it? 


Hello. I'm sorry, but I do not have purples. But by removing some gear, I can give you an estimate with the following testing conditions:

  • 2337 Power (instead of 2622 2522)
  • 229.8% Crit Damage (instead of 222.33%)
  • 65.76% Crit Chance (instead of 66.48%)
  • Boons on Self: 25 Might, Fury, Alacrity, Quickness, Resistance,  Swiftness, Regeneration
  • Conditions on Golem: 25 Vuln, Cripple
  • Average Enemy Golem (4M health)


I took Leg Specialist. I adjusted the rotation - turns out you can squeeze out an extra Throw Axe, just can't get CDR with it.


Results: Between 17.5k and 18.5k DPS, as per in-game message.


2 hours ago, JTGuevara.9018 said:

.and still not even keeping boon-duration at 100%.


Your Boon Duration as a stat need not be 100%. But your Quickness uptime will be 100% assuming you maintain the rotation. This is easy on a test golem, I'm not sure how this will translate to actual content. In addition, Alacrity is required or your theoretical max Quickness uptime will fall to about 95%.

There is the issue, though, that if you miss an ally with your banner, that ally will now lose out on some uptime until the next time banner is up. They will have about 5 seconds where they will feel naked in a 38 second window.


I'm not saying I agree with the way Quickness was given to Warrior. But the changes do need to be tested, and if no one else will I'll start working on getting pink Diviner's pieces. There's also Ritualist cQuickZerker with 100% Boon Duration if someone can look at that: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKAFwEG7XZEMGGHzjZil20VTF-zRRYVBRKH9cbHSlqgIECpLBE70ogpNA-e

Edited by Rishnock.6230
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All your builds are playing on the enemy barrier=more dps traitline. Wouldnt it be Overall better to play on  the passive might pulse traitline? Since there is not many barrier ingame and you would help you teammates by gain them perma 25 Stacks migth as side effect?

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13 minutes ago, Pati.2438 said:

All your builds are playing on the enemy barrier=more dps traitline. Wouldnt it be Overall better to play on  the passive might pulse traitline? Since there is not many barrier ingame and you would help you teammates by gain them perma 25 Stacks migth as side effect?


I'd be inclined to agree with you, except in a PvE setting you're gonna have a Heal Mechanist or a Heal Druid, (or Heal Tempest or Heal Chrono now? idk) so bringing an AoE might trait is probably not contributing anything. At the very least the trait in question gives +25% damage to high health enemies, regardless of barrier status.


If there is a case where the team is might-starved, then yes. Absolutely. I agree - take Empower Allies.

Edited by Rishnock.6230
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