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Revenant for PvP


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Am I crazy or is revenant massively lacking for PvP? At any given time you have a single accessible stun, a single accessible stun-break, and while the burst damage can be nice, it is still massively outclassed. It almost feels like the devs have no idea what to do with the class so they leave it in a mediocre spot. Healing is only getting nerfed more and more and max health is low af for a heavy armor user. The class feels neglected as a whole, especially in PvP. I do appreciate the burst damage, but it still cant compare to other classes bursts, and does almost nothing against some builds, such as a staff guardian. The immense lack of stun breaks is making it worse as time goes on due to every class these days relying on stuns/cc to win almost every fight. Such as necro being able to pop fear/freeze every other second. Recent changes have made this only worse as the recent patch has made even more changes to skills that allow for more stun. I had alot of fun with it in the last season, as long as I picked my fights correctly, but now it seems to just be lacking overall, especially with rangers doing 7K damage with a single hit.

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You're already playing Modern Revenant wrong. 

The playstyle of Burst Windows > Defensive cooldowns > Burst Windows is outdated and has been outdated for a long time now, ever since they decided to nerf alot of Revenant's damage and cooldowns. 

I'm not saying this to disagree with what you said regarding the class being neglected, I very much feel the same way, but I have to make a mention regarding playstyles in general being straight up dumpstered thanks to years of nerfs. 

Now how do you make Revenant serviceable in the current game state? You need safe, consistent, ranging options. that kinda leaves you with Renegade as your remaining option, and in fact, Renegade is still pretty great in sPvP for the moment. 

Also building full glass as Revenant is generally a bad idea, so you may wanna run Marauder which does give you lesser damage but also more crit than Berserker. There's also another case of being able to set up multiple bursts since Revenant still enjoys having shorter cooldowns than most other classes, especially for utilities and shortbow. 

If you start a burst window with PT > Sevenshot + tapping Impossible Odds. This more or less drains your Energy bar completely and so you switch over to Jalis. Jalis is gonna be your "defenseive" state because that's when you turn on hammers and fill the damage with autos and Skill 2. You can also interrupt with Forced Engagement or lay down Stability. When Sevenshot is back up, you swap back to Shiro and do the same with PT > Sevenshot + tapping Impossible Odds. 


Now that's just Renegade for Power, if you want a Condi build or a CC tank build, there are options as well but they're just not as good as other classes. 

PS. Just drop Devastation. The June 28 patch pretty much slapped it even harder for NO REASON by removing Ferocity. As if there isn't already plenty of reason to stop using Devastation jfc. 


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