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Goofy Supports for 2v2s/Unranked


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Chron-o-well: You basically spam Wells in CS, Tides of Time, etc. Your phantasms can soak up extra Alacrity/Boons for more Wells later. You can swap to Medic's Feedback if you want to res quicker and swap Mirror Images for Signet of Midnight to get blind/stealth instead of target breaking. (Notes on Shield 4 for Chrono so you can block 4 times: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Echo_of_Memory#Notes)

ReneHate: Basically abusing pulsing CC on Renegade to AoE heal allies constantly, cleansing on dodge constantly and getting Protection from your spirits as well. Your Mace is useful for generating Weakness to enemies to reduce incoming damage. You can swap Unyielding Devotion to Generous Abundance to heal more if your sustain isn't an issue.

Healed: Pulsing boons heals allies, dodging heals allies and cleansing conditions. You also can get barrier based on your boons if you're concerned about sustain. Your shield offers Protection access, cleansing provides Protection. You also get pulsing healing in Ventari via Facet of Nature. It also offers a burst cleanse without energy cost. You can swap almost all traits around if you feel.

Have fun!

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