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Returning player-Experience questions

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Hello. I recently bought the three-pack to come back to game. I played the game briefly at launch, but it didn't last. 

My question is regarding experience gain. The amount of experience I'm earning is insane. I know the game scales and so on and so forth, but it feels really weird having just made a character this afternoon playing through the level 10 personal story quest and be level 18 now doing level 7 hearts. The other night I had tried making a different character and was playing with a friend. She was leveling at a rate much slower than me, and we had both made new characters together. After the intro she was 2, I was 4. By the time we got to the dam in Queensdale I was 6 and she was 4. After doing our personal stories at 10 it was even more apparent. I was in my teens she was around level twelve.  We were doing the same hearts/events and yet I was always multiple levels ahead.


I had read on reddit that they apparently are tweaking experience gain on new accounts to test for the Steam release later this year, but I kind of wish I could opt out of this constant double exp gain. I came back to the game to explore and take my time with zones and not rush to endgame, and it currently feels like the game wants nothing more than for me to be level 80 by the time I'm done clearing my fourth zone (I'm guessing, maybe it'll take more than that, but I'm almost a quarter of the way through the levels and have played for about 2 hours and still have over half the first zone to complete).


Should this bother me? Am I just stuck in the mindset of other MMOs? Am I supposed to hit 80 and just keep chugging along in what will most likely be a level 40 or 50 zone? Or am I supposed to drop everything and do the story, but if my character has only been to a few zones-the story will most likely pull me into areas it's assumed I've already unlocked but haven't thanks to the crazy exp gain.


I don't know. I don't want to make a ton of alts, and just wanted to immerse myself in this game on a main character, but I don't want to miss something or somehow "mess up" the progression of my character because of this. I like fully exploring a zone and completing it, but it feels like I'm supposed to just get to the cap of that zone and rush to the next. Otherwise, I'll grossly out level everything.


Is this just the way it is? And if so, am I just supposed to progress zone by zone? How do I know when it's time to progress the story if I've already capped before the next level gate etc? 

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Your choice.  If the Personal Story leads you to a map you've yet to visit, you can always wait until you're ready to open that map.  It doesn't really matter how fast you make it to L80, as the leveling process will always be just a small part of your time in-game (provided you keep playing).  The majority of the maps are L80. 

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They are making some testing on the leveling speed looks like your friend is on normal leveling speed and your on the bumped up one op.


This time around, we're primarily looking at making small, incremental changes that add up big improvements over time. Each of these incremental changes are being deployed as an experiment in an "A/B" test format, meaning we'll test the changes in the Live game with a small number of players, study the results, and then decide to make the change permanent, further iterate on it, or remove it from the game. We'll be making these changes every few weeks, with multiple experiments running simultaneously. We'll communicate any permanent additions to the game once they've made it through testing.

Should really read the whole post before responding, yea it dont matter at all what level you are you can still do lower level maps for completion or materials.

Since alot of the maps are level 80 and thats were the majortiy of the people spend their time the mid tier materials might be worth more if you use or sell them.

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Also, the game automatically adjusts your damage in/out to match the current zone you're playing, so it will be almost  like you're the appropriate level for that zone. That way you can play lower zones and not be so over powered you faceroll everything. Of course, you will still have skills you wouldn't have at the lower level, but they will be adjusted lower too.

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I wouldn’t worry, the game scales you to the map level. The 1-80 is largely just a training thing at this stage. Exploring at 20 or exploring at 80, the experience of doing so is largely the same. You can progress zone by zone or wherever you wish. There’s no right answer. The core game is open ended. Do the story as it unlocks or when you hit 80, it really doesn’t matter.

After the core story is done, then it’s on the seasons and then the expansions and more seasons which are more linear and a significant jump in difficulty from the core game.

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16 hours ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

If I remember correctly, it took me 10 hours to reach 80 with the new and improved ultra-leveling. It was a new account, but I'm an old player so didn't have to figure things out along the way. I enjoyed the accelerated pace.

Some new accounts get a special bonus to XP that isn't available to every account. Anet is testing various changes to increase player retention of new players in preparation for the Steam launch.

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On 7/1/2022 at 6:44 PM, mirmidion.4567 said:

Alright. I appreciate the replies. I’ll stop overthinking it and just keep knocking the zones out as I see fit regardless of my level.



This is the most perfect expression of what you could be doing as a returning player. That much, at least, remains unadulterated by ANet's various moves in the past few years.

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