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Disabling the emboldened mote?

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First i'd like to say it's an amazing feature and it was a very very good step in a right direction. Maybe i'd even add 2 or even 3 wings / week, so new players can get into raiding easier.

BUT. For us who are experienced... What i didnt understand is disabling system. We went into w1. We disabled the mote before VG, VG died and emboldened mote got activated again. So we were a little confused... ok, so we thought probably once we reach Gorseval there'll be another mote and we can disable it (it's abit annoying but whatever, we can disable it before every boss). But nope, there's no mote. You basically have to go to starting area and disable it again. So at that point we just didn't care anymore and carried on with emboldened mote. Every1 was kind of annoyed and didn't wanna continue going to the starting area.. Also we got confused in the first place that mote is acticated by default, every1 thought by default its off and u need to activate it just like cm mote.

So why not change it a little? We expected that if you disable it once it will stay disabled for all the remaining bosses. Or atleast there'll be a mote before every boss. I'm kind of puzzled why it was made like that. Any chances it'll be changed? Or every1 is happy with the way it is?

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1 hour ago, Bizgurk.5639 said:

Because the crowd that is unable to clear a raid without such a mode is probably uncapable of finding and activating the emboldened mote by themselves. So it's on by default.

There is some truth to this hahaha but I would say by default when you enter the wing just do a pop up of interaction with the mote so people can turn it off / on for the entire wing and GG. Plus it should not reset after a boss kill.

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I think it being set to "on" by default is fine.
Having to disable it after every boss sounds annoying and sounds like it "hopefully" is a bug.

When disabling Emboldened at the start of the wing, everyone should get "Call of the Mists" for double rewards and Emboldened should stay off as long as the instance owner is in the instance or is reenabled at the start.

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