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Chrono Idea

Moody Soul.5617

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When looking purely at alacrity and quickness then I think wells are fine. The alac trait gives 4 seconds of alacrity on wells which matches with specter wells for example. You still need to gear into boon duration at the cost of some damage but that's fair. When it comes to quickness you are way better of not running wells but taking traits/skills to summon more clones and phantasms so you can keep shattering.


For healing `well of eternity` (when traited and geared) is like 8-9k health which is far from bad. The big problem is that this well and the others all heal after 3 seconds. So either your team needs healing now meaning your 3 seconds to late or you guess the team is going to need healing in which case you might waste your big heal. That is if you don't need to move and your team stays inside the wells, which is also a big if.


To be fair i rather have the healing from "all's well that ends well" be changed into a big barrier. Something about a delayed action that prevents damage in the future screams timelord to me. But don't have the numbers on this so this might be more of a nerf then buff. Also have the wells move with you might make for some interesting play styles, you lose dropping the wells at distance but gain a lot when it comes to moving with the mechanics. Also just more an idea then well thought out suggestion.

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