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The warrior banners are a skill to say the least iconic in the game, they are seen on the cover of mvm, which is already a lot to say, the concern of this is that since its launch has not seen something clear, that if they first take away the stability to the war banner, although increase the attributes given by the others from 90 to 170, which then raise the target limit to 10, which had some coherence for its range and how they were used, taking into account mvm and open world pve, already after this they tried to change them in a bad way, simply deleting their active skills and here is when you really lose what the banners were, not only eliminate their skills, also reduce their attributes given from 170 to 100 which in total is a significant loss, in total they would have to put them a x1.7 to leave them with the previous attributes, they removed the number of base targets from 10 to 5; In their best moment the banners gave with their improvement, 340 attributes and regeneration to 10 players, also improved the unique effect by 50% to the warrior with their improvement trait, although shortly after they would make that change that made them lose the sense of these, later we would have adjustments that would not help at all and finally this one that took away everything they were and would leave them even worse than their initial versions, making them depend on having the trait and 100% of duration of blessing.


Now the banners were like this initially because it was the "unique form" of the warrior in contributing to the allies and in battle, since this contributed very few blessings, ie, it is a warrior, that of blessings at that time was rare, it was more something raw and unique.


Later they could not compete because the balance got out of hand and there was blessing spam everywhere, massive damage, massive conditions, CC abilities where they should not be, ways to avoid damage where they should not be and other things.


From there they tried to "improve" them, which didn't even work, in fact, they even nerfed them, this for trying to focus them to raid content, there they simply killed them in every way and only had bosses with absurd amounts of life as objectives, which by the way, if the biggest balance problem of the game comes from pve and it seems that their objectives seem to be to do damage sponges and to compensate for this they raise damage without thinking twice to things that don't even make sense...


And now that they announced this update with first focus on banners and well, it resulted in this... they took out the fundamental feature of it, which wouldn't be a problem if they didn't work that way, again they are dealing with iconic skills of the game and to rework them by changing them to other things or methods of use would be destroying them.


The current problem, the excessive requirement to use them (the trait + 100% bless duration), they offer no healing whatsoever, they are absurdly static and very small area.


The concern is that they'll change them for whatever weird thing they can think of (like putting them on your back XD) that doesn't match the way they are.


A possible solution? first that they put an ability after its use while on cd that is to remove it and restore its current cd by 50% giving something according to the remaining cd and within this, make them more accessible to use (not requiring 100% blessing duration and the trait just to maintain a blessing, since it's much worse than just applying a blessing for an absurd amount of time); It wouldn't fix much, because per se having all 3 banners equipped would be equal to keeping 3 permanent blessings on 5 allies, blessings that are pretty common (regen, power and stamina although this one is pretty good) and plus elite would be a significant improvement (regen, more power, stamina, celerity and fury) which would be 5 permanent blessings to 5 allies although the elite has more cd so they would no longer be permanent and would only be in a fairly small area and not mobile at all, the solution would only make them a little more versatile in both the movement and the duration of blessing, it would also help to increase the area.


And here the problem that now are blessings and not unique effects, that have to apply the blessings every 3s instead of giving a unique effect for 3s when you touch the area, a solution to this is that when the banner falls directly grant the blessings and anyone who touches your area and has a cd of 3s per ally. ... but of course, if different allies leave and enter the area, how do you keep the margin of 3s of cd, bringing the targets to 5 in the same way, while 5 allies have in cd the blessing obtained by the banner can not be received by others? the issue is how hard that would be to do, is there a reason they weren't implemented that way or was it just an oversight, the point of this is that now it totally feels like an alpha because of how they give the blessings.


A more elaborate "solution" would be for example:

Discipline banner:
Give this one's ability: you equip yourself with a banner of discipline (as if it were a weapon change) and change your weapon skills; This would help keep combat flow in pvp, mvm and even open world pve and raids much more; aesthetics you wield a banner high in your complementary hand (try to have the charr hold it high and not like he holds the staff XD) and a sword in your main hand.


Skill 1: same as the AA of the warrior's sword, but without the bleed, without the upgrades of this weapon and with a more matching (and somewhat slower) animation.


Skill 2: similar to the charge of the sword skill 2, but without applying its effects, only the damage and granting celerity to the allies (less jumping distance).


Skill 3: that grants the main blessing of the banner for a considerable time and heals or grants barrier (animation, you slightly tilt the banner in charge signal); you grant fury to 5 allies for X seconds and heals them for X amount in an area of 600, "cd 20s".


Skill 4: you grant an important blessing according to the banner and other important blessings shared by the other banners for a slight time. (animation, you hit the banner against the ground creating an area of effect); You grant alacrity (the important blessing of this one), "protection and resolution" for X seconds to 5 allies in an area of 600. "cd 20s".


Ability 5: You throw the banner to a location and grant "the important blessing and the main blessing" for X seconds to 5 allies and cause damage to enemies, unequip the banner and leave it in a "cd 20s"; The banner in its area permanently grants "the main blessing" of this, if the target already has the blessing this does not decrease its time and can accumulate it from other sources, if the target remains long enough the important blessing is reapplied for X seconds; The battle would still have the effects it causes on impact.


Re-equipping a banner that is summoned will remove the previous one, unequipping a banner does not leave it in cd, it only remains in cd if it is rolled with skill 5, the allies can pick up the banner.


The defense banner removes the stun with skill 4 to 5 allies.


Add or modify a rune to be the "banner rune", to make it somewhat easier to accommodate them, even between game modes, and rework their upgrade to be the standard of these: reduce the recharge of banner skills by 20%, grant concentration for each equipped banner.


Also make sure that these are the main source of support and not the shouts, since by design the shouts affect both allies and enemies and the warrior himself, so giving them a different approach would help a lot, besides it is a warrior, not a guardian, the shouting skills should be more scary than compassionate.


Something that is also uncertain is why change that way to critical chance, wouldn't it be more coherent to increase the attribute scaling from 21 to 18 or increase the base from 5% to 10%, for example.


It's just what I can think of, I'm not dedicated to this and I don't have thousands of hours to plan something XD


Translated by another translator that I don't remember XD

link of the original post "https://es-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/3724-estandarteeeees/?tab=comments#comment-18232"

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