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D/P + shadows rejuvenation lets you permastealth using only initiative after the 6/28 SA changes


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Shadow's rejuvenation allows you to permastealth with just D/P. By using the black powder+heartseeker combo you can regenerate all the initiative that you spent. This is done by using heartseeker to gain stealth right after the stealth from the previous heartseeker ends.


Since black powder + 2x heartseeker costs 12 initiative, with 2x shadow's rejuvenation procs(6 initiative) and the 6 initiative gained naturally during the 6s of stealth that the combo gives, you end up not spending any initiative.


Here's the steps to make it work:

1. Use black powder to put a smokefield on the ground.

2. Use heartseeker in the black powder to gain stealth. This grants 3s of stealth and gives you back 2 initiative from shadow's rejuvenation since you entered stealth.

3. Use a second heartseeker right before the stealth from the first heartseeker ends. By timing this correctly, there is a very small window when you are not in stealth before you gain the stealth from the second heartseeker. This procs both of the initiative gains from shadow's rejuvenation which gives you 1 initiative from exiting the stealth from the first heartseeker and then an additional 2 initiative from reentering stealth with the second heartseeker.

4. Use black powder again when the stealth from the second heartseeker is about to end and repeat the combo. Since black powder only lasts for 4s, you can only get off 2x heartseekers before it ends.



Here's a video showing how it works, with good timing you can be out of stealth for a short enough duration that the enemy does not have a chance to  retaliate:


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Permastealth is still possible WITHOUT SA and even without dagger mainhand, just like it always was. This method relies on pistol offhand though, which is fine because using black powder in stealth essentially pings your position for anyone hunting you. The patch was good in that it nerfed permastealth on DE, as the combo of leaping through sniper's cover no longer lets you permastealth easily without resorting to utilities and other skills that give a large tell. That was essential since sniper's cover can be hidden in a wall, removing the tell from the stealth, and that was not healthy whichever way you look at it. 

I made a video to show my point: 

The problem with both your video and mine is that anyone with half a brain will stand in the black powder to force you to reveal yourself. The difference is that with 6s stealth (3s after stacking) you're essentially stationary, and with the amount of ports classes have now they will be able to catch you and reveal you even if you do move. With 12s stealth per rotation (9 after stacking), I can be much further away and thus have much less chance of being attacked. 

This all shows what I have said for a while tho. The problem with stealth isn't shadow arts, it's smoke fields. Put all stealth on a fixed duration with no blasts etc and the mechanic would be a lot easier to balance, meaning the game would be a lot healthier for it. 

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This is not close to how efficient Rifle DE used to be before the patch. With this method, you have to stay within your Black Powder, which leaves you vulnerable to aoe as well as risking revealing yourself if someone is nearby. Additionally, having to wait and time the ending of stealth for initiative gain is bothersome. I wish they would revert the Shadow Arts changes from last patch so that thieves can enjoy a stealth playstyle again. 

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