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Some ideas to make Warrior competitive in the PvE landscape


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Let Warrior generate quickness on successful burst hits (like Martial Cadence post-patch) but without an internal cooldown of 10s. 


This opens the door to letting Warrior have a Quickness build in either Berserker or Spellbreaker. Chaining successful burst hits (like burst -> Full Counter -> burst) feels like good gameplay, and without a cooldown players have a choice in how much boon duration they should aim for.


Change Banners to ammo skills after it's been placed, and let banners be moved without penalty. Have Banners apply effects on ammo usage. Have one banner for Stability, one for Resistance, one that only applies a Blast Finisher, and leave the Elite Banner to pulse boons. 


Warriors should never feel obligated to fill their whole bar with banners, especially if they're just going to place them on the floor and leave them there until they need to be moved. This isn't interactive and it's not good gameplay. Stability and Resistance are both valuable boons that are hard to come by, and giving them to Warriors will make them more desirable. A Banner that is a blast finisher on demand will be a great utility skill to help round out a group. Having them as ammo skills also opens the door to Bladesworn using them in some way. By disconnecting Warrior from requiring banners, Shouts can now be used as healing if desired.


This version of Warrior might not be best-in-slot but it would be able to complement almost every group composition. It might be lacking in some Defensive support options like Protection or Aegis, but perhaps Spellbreaker can be adjusted for that (a la Full Counter). I'm no Warrior main, but I really think the answer to making Warrior competitive in PvE is to make it good, not make Banners good.


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