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If I post my WvW zerg builds I used when I played, will they get nerfed more?

Grand Marshal.4098

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I was bored enjoy. 

Raw Melee DPS only. Min-MINSTREL? GET OUT of here pleb! 

All builds use same gear stats. Assassin armor, zerker trinkets, precision infusions, eagle runes. 

GS always Hydro/energy

OH axe always bloodlust sigil

MH weapons can use whichever sigil you prefer. I tend to go cleansing, but strength (axe, Core build) and nullification or absorbtion (dagger, SpB) can work. I keep cleansing on (sword, Zerker).


^Core Phalanx. Used before the rework for fun. Has excellent sustained DPS and might share ability. Chop off backlines like a chad. Bull's charge over stomp for the evade and gap closing, but stomp more disruption and stab. Phalanx is fun and easy to heal yourself with, when a zerg is around. But now with empower allies you don't need to activate SoR too often. Lack of original Empower did hurt this build's DPS, as might capping is ez. I tend to go around 8k DPS, before it could do half a thousand dps more. Good thing is the might pumping and constant pressure. There is literally no downtime. 


^The more classic Burstzerker. Zerker stance is aight, but I have always debated it's use as the signle source of resistance in core. Banner of Defense is a joke to run and obviously no warhorn. I prefer might on heal cause I may overextend to get might from allies and rip apart the sidelines with mega spike dmg. Sword is good mobility and zerk needs to be able to reposition. Longbow I only used for off-tag bag farming. With the nerfs it still is strong but, MELEE GOODNESS. 


^DPS SpB. Classic dps and strip option. Can keep up with strips more with dagger mainhand for a very moderate damage loss and double leap finisher. Now with maihand dagger buffs it will just be better. Bubble if there for cosmetic appearance. Banner can work, rampage can also boonstrip in smaller scale situations. Stomp over balanced for strip synergy. Balanced over featherfoot for more reliable stab. Bu FC is good so I take it, especially now with the lesser CD. Decent pressure, disruptive playstyle. 


That's about it, if you know how to play warr youll do great with these builds. Have fun, cya. 

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