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The Sacrifice - PoF - Cannot progress

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Hi all,


I do not have enough mastery points for the raptor canyon jumping mastery, which is required to progress past 'The Sacrifice' in PoF. 


I have explored the first three PoT areas and acquired all the mastery points within them so far, with the remaining mastery points inaccessible because of other mounts are needed.


What have I missed? Please help!



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Check your achievement panel. There are relatively easy achievements that also provide mastery points. There's even a filter that allows you to filter out which achievements those are. Just click on the gear on your achievement panel on the top left side.

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There are also some guides out there giving detailed hints on easy mastery points.


Master points, especially in the beginning of PoF are a bit scarce. This opens up a lot once you get the lomg jump and following mount.


If you have a hard time finding your way, just update this post and I'll go through which early PoF masterie points you can get.



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