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WvW Boons and Stability Removal


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So i have been looking at the herald changes a little different. I am not convinced that change was even made for PVE in the first place and looking at it i cannot help but wonder if it was intended for wvw. 

Brutality - Gain quickness when you swap weapons. While you have quickness, your strikes remove stability.
This removal effect can only occur once per interval on each target.
(Interval = 1 second)

If you pair the new herald quickness with this skill you could provide yourself with a good amount of quickness in a burst right before charging in. The stability strip would allow you to remove that pesky stability all the while still providing boons to the team. You wouldn't need 100% upkeep of quickness, just quick bursts. Having it connected to the facet skill is also conducive to this play. You upkeep the boons, and as you charge in you cast your consumes, swap legends and drop the big damage. 

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18 hours ago, Jaricko.6143 said:

remove that pesky stability

in organized squads+ some sigils and diviners u could already upkeep perma squickness. Brutality was used on rene, coz he could give better boons, and Demon stance was taken to strip boons. Dps of that is low. Now that boon rip got nerfed, i would rather not run it in groups, scourge gives more dps and more rips. Brutality itself is not that valuable - with 1s icd, you will not strip lot of stab fast enough to  have effect, since most cc of average squad is used to create an opening - before u have 1-2 hits

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