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Specter steal and Improvision

Lonewolf Kai.3682

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You refer to Improvisation from the Deadly Arts traitline. It will work once you land the Steal ability on an opponent(if you miss, it will do nothing); nonetheless, Improvisation doesn't always reset one of your Utility skills  you  are equipping. 

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16 hours ago, Grand Marshal.4098 said:

I believe that Improvisation should give double the shadow force on enemy siphons as compensation for the lack of stolen skills. 

Then again, specter is perfoming quite well in competetive, so I'd add this change only if some other things got shaved off a bit. 

Condi specter plays deadly arts but they dont use improv. 

power build uses crit strikes so no improv. However theres a variant with deadly arts improv power but dmg is significantly lower

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