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Finish Icebrood or Start LW S1?

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Going to finish up some stuff in EoD but was wondering if I should go back and finish icebrood or start LW1?  


I played GW2 pre-LW1, stopped playing but came back during LW4 and then stopped playing during 2020 and now I've just came back.  The appeal of LW1 is how much do I see of the original LW1?  Do I get to see the original Lion's Arch again (not crazy about the "Sea World @ Lions Arch" look)?  What about all the open world events, do I see those?


If the answer is no, I'll just finish up Icebrood.




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The downside of LW1 right now is that it’s only partially released. So it depends on if you want to do the two chapters and then go back to something else while waiting. 

I’d personally finish up IBS in the hopes of having more LW1 available.

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