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Featherfoot Grace 35 sec is good, 32-30 sec cd would be better


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I played today with the new cd on featherfoot grace, I think its pretty good. Unfortunately its only 5 sec shorter than endure pain and endure pain is a really big "I'm getting kittened" situation button. Since you drop endure pain for featherfoot grace, I think 35 sec cd is not low enough to justify dropping endure pain. 32, 30 seconds would be better.

Spvp only. I think in wvw its fine at 35 sec cd. Since in spvp you essentially have only 1 build that has the choice between the 2. Wvw 30 sec would be good but maybe you'll be buffing some build other than the roamer one.

Maybe shave the superspeed and resistance to 4 seconds, since you don't really have that much to do in a 5 seconds interval. If for some reason 30 sec cd seems low.

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