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Jade Runestone drops drastically reduced (as of June 28th updates). Reasons?

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Used to be able to get 3 or 4 runestones from farming chests at any EoD maps. Now, will be lucky to get even one sometimes.

It requires 100 Jade Runestones to craft a Gen 3 weapon. Before the June 28th updates, it cost about 25s each but with the lower supply, the prices has now doubled on TP.

Jade Runestone's price trend.  Supply was at around 30k prior to the update but now sits at about 10k.

Is there a good reason for the massive reductions in drops?

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37 minutes ago, Greener.6204 said:

I've done the DE map a few times since the update, and I've noticed no change in the amount I've gotten while prepping for the meta (usually between 1 - 4). The price went up because demand went up with the introduction of the Mordremoth variant skins. I believe the same spike happened with the intro of the Zhaitan skins.

Yeah, the price increase is a result of what you stated. Completely slipped my mind.

I farmed the chests (shrine guardian and jade chests) daily on DE map and noticed the lack of drops since the update. Always get 3 or 4 at the minimum but have been getting about 1 per run since then.

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You do have a great point though.  These things need a better source that maybe isnt tied to daily stuff.  I mean, even the tengu jump puzzle and grand chest in echovald are account bound.  If you make just one gen 3 legendary wepon and get every skin for it, you would need 1300 jade runestones, assuming the future skins need them.  That is a migraine headache inducing thought.  I cant even begin to imagine where I can get that many runestones.   Its kinda sad that we trade one set of shackles for another.  I bet the upward price continues and we start to see what happened to mystic coins happen to jade runestones.  I am really hoping that future content starts to reward more of these.  Maybe Anet can make them buyable in raids/fractals/strikes the way mystic coins are now and head off that price spike thats bound to happen in the coming months.

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