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Missing Expansions

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My account shows both my GW games and all the expansions which I bought on the website.  They are all listed as active.  I can not find out how to access and play any of the expansions.  My log in screen and the after logging in and the splash screen where I enter log in info do not seem to offer me access to any of them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Goldmark,

Go to your Hero Panel (default "H" key) and then the "Story Journal" tab. There you will find the stories applicable to the expansions. Also, if you take a look at the "Masteries" tab, you will see the associated masteries available as well. The story is what will eventually take you to the expansion maps and that is where you can acquire mastery points and experience for the masteries as well.

I did mine after reaching level 80, so I am unsure how the menu will look if you do not have a level 80 character already.

Have a fun adventure!

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If you bought the expansions in game it will be automaticly applied to your account.

If you bought them outside of the game you will get a email with a code you need to redeem after you login here


Since  you can still login your bank have most likely not stoped the transaction.

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