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Percussive Maintenance

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On 7/26/2022 at 6:22 AM, fatihso.7258 said:

Have you tried unequipping it? Can try putting in one bank, swap chars and equip again to see if it works. I've completed the Percussive Maintenance achievement yesterday, didn't have a problem myself.

notw working, support don't answer

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Support should be the only option in this case. Something must have went wrong. According to the wiki the Adept achievement is required to unlock the Percussive Maintenance collection. The same one that gives this skin. The skin then should have automatically been added at the same time the collection got unlocked.

And since it is a skin ... equipping/unqeuipping will not change anything. The check is (I guess) done either on skin unlock ... or on achievement unlock (if an achievement has to take into account prior unlocked skins then it till check at this step I guess).

Upside: This should be easy to check for the support - they can see that this skin is already unlocked since you have it. Write again to the support - if you wrote the old ticked about a month ago already.

If you waited long after your initial forum post and only wrote recently to the support - then still wait. I'd at least give them 24-72 hours. More than 72 hours should be weird though ... - in this easy case. At least a response that they are looking into it ... should happen ... stating it might take longer should they take longer because of lot of support requests or more difficult issues. With no major sale at the moment  (Auguts sale/anniversary sale already started I guess though the stuff at sale atm has not officially been mentioned as belonging to the anniversary one?) - I expect less than usual support requests. (Sales will have a lot of people spamming support cause then issues with buying gems will be more prominent - leading to a spike in requests.)

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