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[EU] Slideshow Gaming [LAG] Looking for active raid members


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Hello there,

Are you looking for a fun, friendly, and fabulous static group? Do you like to blame the [LAG] when you die? Well, you're in the right place. 🙃
We are a weird bunch of banana-people looking to have a good time while clearing raid wings 1-4 weekly and more to come! 

About us:

A small group of friends that met from previous raiding guilds. Sadly, those guilds eventually died out (not our fault, I swear) and we decided to finally make our own! 

Our guild is primarily a raiding group, with the focus on getting better and better weekly clears and to be able to clear all wings weekly! With some strikes and fractals in the mix once we get our group set up. 

What we offer:

  •  A fun, friendly, and fabulous time of course.
  • An experienced raid community that will eventually dive into CM strikes/raids.
  •  Weekly Monday clears of wings 1-4, and wings  5-7 on off days (note: wing 5 and 6 are a work in progress).
  • An open-minded environment with people who love helping, theorycrafting and analysing different approaches to PvE endgames.
  •  We won't let you raid on an empty stomach and will provide enough Ascended Food to make you sick of it.

What we are looking for:

  •  A fun, friendly and fabulous person such as yourself.
  •  Someone who already has some knowledge of the raids and is willing to learn more.
  •  Someone who shows up on time for raids, comes geared and prepared with the right build, and knows their class.
  •  Someone who is willing to join Discord and follow along. A working microphone is definitely a bonus!

What we need: 

  • We currently need only DPS for our raid static. But fun, friendly and flexible people who can play multiple roles are always welcome. 
  • Someone who can raid every Monday at 19:00 to 22:00 server time. (Of course, if something comes up and you cannot make it, just let us know)

If you're interested in lagging to death or have any questions, please contact me either in-game or on discord:

In-game : Feyre.2508  
Discord : Feyre#7735 
Please note: If you try to message MsSpecialed.4127 - This will not work, I changed my account name and the forums have not updated. Thank you!


Edited by MsSpecialEd.4127
Time changes for raid.
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1 hour ago, Player.2475 said:

I tried messaging but it gives me the "Unable to find recipient" for both whispers and in-game mail

Sorry about that, thank you for letting me know, I changed my account name to Feyre from MsSpecialed and it seems it hasn't updated on the forums. I added it to my original thread to help people in the future. 🙂 

Thank you for your interest, we got an influx of applications, so we are only recruiting backups for now. If that is something that interests you, please contact me in game: Feyre.2508.

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