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So previous season i was playing mainly support. So didn't really care. But now for 2v2 i decided to play willy despite of nerf that affect only mobility and survivability ... damage is still good. In pve i give up on willy since his mobility is more annoyance than actually advantage and it make whole gameplay clunky. Also alac application on willy is pretty bad.


But in this thread i want to talk about pvp specifically my experience from 2v2 and bugs that i found.


Bug No.1 Renewed focus wont reset cooldowns on virtues. Its rare bug but sometimes it happens and it pretty devastating in competitive pvp. I can 100% confirm i get into inv. state than renewed focus go under cooldown but virtuaes cooldowns arent reset.


Bug No.2 Virtue 1 stuck. I activate virtue 1 but instead of charging i get stuck on place. Virtues 1 goes under cooldown. Nothing happens except i just rooted my self on spot for duration of animation that doesnt kick in.. Total fail when you chasing target. (EDIT2: This is probably caused by immobilize)


Bug No.3 Virtue 3 wont break CC. (i probally know why this happening) While CCed activating virtue 3.. you can hear sound virtues 3 goes onder CD.. but you wont move and still CCed. I believe this is caused because at beginning there is small animation and during that animation you are still vulnerable to any CC before stability kicks in. Unfortunately you cant control character during that animation so it kind of RNG.


I dont even going to talk about "no valid path found" error spam. More i playing more i starting to recognize bugged places where dashes wont work ... despite of smooth surface, no visible obstacles.


EDIT: Ohh and i almost forgot Bug No.4 at asura arena. When you fight someone on top of umbrella. Dash sometimes moves you bellow that umbrella even though you are booth upstairs.

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EDIT: one more bug EDIT2: Bug no.2 update
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