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When PvE/WvW will get a Demolisher like stats ?


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according to the wiki, there's 06 7 stat combos that are PvP-only:


Harrier's: Power, healing concentration

EDIT: Avatar: Power Precision, vitality healing

EDIT: Destroyer: Powe Precision, condition, ferocity

Paladin: Power Precision, vitality toughness

Swashbuckler: Power Precision, vitality condition

Demolisher: Power Precision, toughness ferocity

Wizard: Power Condition, precision vitality

Sage: Power Condition, vitality healing


I agree that these stats should all be added to PvE and WvW

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And I really wish there's a stat with healing and concentration as a main attribute. like magi but with concentration instead of precision (I assume heal cannot crit). As third we can take vitality because a (boon) healer should keep alive as long as possible.

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I really wish they would add Demolisher stats to pve...   why do we have both maurader and dragon which are very close to the same thing, but no version with toughness?   It would do wonders for power builds in open world and wvw to compete with condi which is so much more tanky.

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