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Yeaaah, not going to lie. Still like 2v2 more than 5v5 Conquest. The entire game mode is just people zooming around and beyond the gameplay being insanely boring/about points. The actual match making is designed in a way, where you are insanely lucky if you reach more than plat 2 on solo queue. At least 2v2 deathmatch is quick and you get to change your build based on enemy builds

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It has been said many many times but here we go again... Death match seasons allow only two types of builds to shine, supports and dps. Mobility is useless, not much thought needed into where to go, just roll your face over the keyboard with your necro/guard build.

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I don't really like 2v2 season tbh. 3v3 is a bit better but like already stated here: It only allows for two types of builds and it only favors exactly one team composition (role wise, not spec/build wise).

However, I would still very much appreciate if 2v2 and 3v3 (as well as other modes) became either permanent queues or at the very least additions to the daily AT list (like we had during that special tournament event week).
We just need more variety in terms of modes.

I've been saying this for years now but Anet finally needs to acknowledge that conquest isn't everyone's cup of tea and the argument of low population doesn't hold up when you consider this.
Also I have never heard anyone complain about Stronghold splitting the queue, yet Stronghold is still going strong in terms of queue times. Match quality does vary ofc (as usual in Unranked) but almost every match is at least enjoyable.

At least in my mind it's way better to lose like 20-30% or so to another pvp mode and profit of a player influx in the pvp community in the long term than lose 80% because everything gets stale and other games provide more.
Because even tho I like conquest better, I still like to hop into 2v2/3v3 or Stronghold from time to time.

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