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I have a trailblazer set i sometimes use to tank for raids for my friends. Thought full trailblazers might be too narrow in application and i don't really solo on it anymore though i might with some modifications. Figured changing out some runes and mixing in some celestial might let it do a bit more. 

Figured this build would let me tank / solo and maybe wvw (my wvw roaming knowledge is fairly limited) 
Utilities would be a little different if raiding but that is the basic gist of it. Maybe use HGH for wvw instead of iron blooded. 

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I think it should work okay-ish for PvE. Signet on Mechanist are very strong so not running at least shift for the teleport or the boon sharing between you and your mech is kind of shooting yourself in the foot. I would at least replace elixir kit with shift signet. For the heal, again, healing signet is just a very strong passive heal for both you and your mech. 


For WvW however I wouldnt use this build. I wont repeat myself on the signet part so you already know what I would pick but to explain a bit, you only have 2 breakstun including one that act as both a condi clear, alac source and break stun. On your current build let's say you face a condi player, he can easily pressure you just to force the cleanse and then pressure you a second time. Plus the condi clean is around the mech and not yourself so should you forget your mech positioning you will waste a heavy condi cleanse. If you run shift signet instead of elixir kit you will have more mobility which Mechanist lacks a lot as well as another breakstun and a 2 condi remover skill. Needless to say this skill is a must have for any PvP content.  And yes I would run HGH.


For the elite, I would say it depends on how much you rely on your mech. I use the overclock signet personnally but if you can manage your golem then mortar kit is a good option especially in zerg or siege. 

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The utility picks are mostly just there. When i was thinking on the raid utilities they were actually different, opting for a few blast finisher options for might and condi damage. The shift signet was there as well. 

Thinking on it from a wvw perspective, HGH would probably be swapped for the elixir gun. And i picked Elixir gun because it kinda helped with a potential problem i thought i might run into, in that it had very little condi cleanse and shift signet, more of an oversight for another stun break forgetting that shift also increases speed in addition to boons. Its possible in wvw i should forgo the flamethrower as its probably not doing enough though in pve i picked it for might and burn damage. 


Utilities are almost certainly going to change from scenario to scenario, that is just how i play engie in general. For example if i tanked deimos, i would likely opt for tool kit for the block. 

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